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Professor Peter Holland

Peter Holland is the Linacre Professor of Zoology and a Fellow of Merton College. He came to Oxford in 2002, following 8 years as Professor of Zoology in the School of Animal and Microbial Sciences at the University of Reading. Previously, he was a Royal Society University Research Fellow, the Browne Research Fellow and a Demonstrator in Zoology at Oxford. His research interests include evolutionary developmental biology, genome evolution, homeobox genes, and molecular phylogeny. Peter Holland was awarded the Frink Medal of the Zoological Society of London (2015), Linnean Society Medal for Zoology (2012), Alexander Kowalevsky Medal (2006), Blaise Pascal Medal in Natural Sciences (2005), the first Genetics Society Medal (2004), the De Snoo van 't Hoogerhuys Medal (1999) and the Scientific Medal of the Zoological Society of London (1996). He was elected to Fellowship of the Royal Society in 2003. Peter Holland is a Governor, Council Member and Research Committee Chair of the Marine Biological Association of the UK, an Honorary Research Fellow of the Natural History Museum, London, the specialist advisor on homeobox gene names for the HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee, Associate Editor of Zoological Science (Japan), Joint Section Head for Faculty of 1000, and member of the editorial boards of BMC Biology; EvoDevo; Evolution & Development; Molecular & Developmental Evolution; Development Genes & Evolution; and BMC Evolutionary Biology.