Resources | J.W. Jenkinson Laboratory for Evolution and Development


Listed here are datasets and resources produced by the laboratory. Some are open access; others are password-protected for use by members of the research group and collaborators.

HomeoDB2: a searchable, BLASTable and downloadable database of homeobox sequences

(1) Insects
• Sample genome assemblies for five Lepidoptera and one Trichoptera
• Raw Illumina DNA sequence data for genomes of five Lepidoptera and one Trichoptera
• Short-read RNA sequence data for miRNA study in Cameraria and Pararge
• Short-read RNA sequence data for miRNA study in Pararge aegeria ovary
• mRNA transcriptome assembly for Pararge aegeria ovary GEO Accession viewer
• BLAST database for Lepidoptera genomes and transcriptomes

(2) Fish
• BLAST database for Osteoglossomorpha genomes and transcriptomes

  Illumina DNA sequence for Pantodon

Illumina DNA sequence for Chitala, Osteoglossum, Gnathonemus

• Sample genome assemblies for osteoglossomorph fish

(3) Mammals

• BLAST database for mammalian genomes , exomes and transcriptomes

• RNAseq datasets for ectopic expression of mammalian PRD class genes